In an emergency, every second counts.
Timely instructions to help people react quickly and decisively can help save many lives. With its innovative and patented built-in ultra-bright LED strobe light and LED messaging features, Pro-Lite's ReACT! can quickly alert a localized audience of the emergency and provide location-specific instructions to help guide people to safety.


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Unambiguous Emergency Notification

  • Unlike other devices, ReACT! was designed for no other purpose, except to save lives. It was designed and intended to quickly inform of an emergency situation and to guide a group of people to safety. When there is no emergency, ReACT! only shows the time/date.


  • The Time/Date feature not only tells time and date, it establishes a habit to read the sign and to also give the audience a better recollection of the time, in the event of an emergency.

Attention- Getting Strobe Lights & Audio Announcement

  • When there is an emergency, every second counts! And so it is very important that everyone pays attention to the sign. With Pro-Lite's Strobe-Message Technology, combined with dual speakers, the ReACT! catches everyone's attention, including the visual and hearing impaired. It was designed to get your attention!

No Cell Tower Jam or Weather-Related Weak Signals

  • During an emergency, hundreds of thousands of text messages are sent through the Cellular Network, causing the messages to delay as much as 20 minutes. It is a liability issue when the messages are not delivered at the same time because of cell tower jam or weak signal due to weather. With ReACT!, all messages are delivered within seconds, instead of minutes!

Power Messaging

  • When there is a shooter on the campus, instead of just alerting everyone of the intruder, it is important to prevent someone from running toward the shooter by giving the specific location of the shooter and specific instruction to each sign according to its location. With Power Messaging, you can edit a message and send immediately to any sign or to a group of signs.

Power Failure Battery Backup

  • Even if the power is cut off in an emergency situation such as an Earthquake or a Fire, the built-in battery backup will keep the sign running for additional 60-90 minutes. RS232 Input/Output com port If you have other devices that are equipped with RS232, ReACT! can communicate with these devices.

Global Alert

  • At one touch, all signs can display the same message within 5 seconds.

Preprogrammed Messages

  • There are 52 default memory banks for preprogrammed Emergency Alerts. With a single touch, a preprogrammed Alert can be activated and multiple messages can be sent simultaneously. Each location can be programmed to receive a unique instruction in each Alert situation.

Preprogrammed Periodic Demo Test

  • To be recognized as an unambiguous Emergency Notification Device, a routine alert demonstration is built in. These tests can be activated at a designated time; for example, every Monday at 8:00am. These tests are important to check the operation of the devices and to make people aware of the device.

Optional ACTION! Relays

  • As an option, the relays can close and lock a door or turn all lights on/off. It is an extra feature to quickly react to an emergency, without having to wait for someone to trigger a contact, which results in losing time.

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  • Patented Strobe Lights & Audio Technology
  • Super Bright Full Color LED
  • 160 viewing angle
  • The Easiest & Fastest way of delivering messages
  • One Touch Global Message Delivery
  • 52 Preprogrammed Alerts - Expandable to 100
  • Deliver Unique Messages to Unique Locations all Preprogrammed
  • Ability to Edit Messages Immediately
  • No Cell Tower Traffic Jam
  • POE Enable
  • 60-Minute Battery Backup Operation
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplied Server
  • Android and Apple APP Compatible
  • Optional ACTIONS! Relays
  • RS232 Input/Output Com Port
  • Standard 12-24VDC Input
  • UL1638 Fire Alarm Certified for US & Canada
  • Unambiguous Emergency Notification Device
  • Patented Life-Saving Technology

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Display Specifications


RA 1664

RA 1696

LED Type


LED Size


LED Pitch

7.62 (Center-To-Center)


16x64- Standard



Full Color

Viewing Area

122mm x 492mm (4.8 H x 19.4 W)

122mm x 736mm (4.8 H x 29 W)

Viewing Angle

160 Horizontally and Vertically

Dual Line Viewing Distance

2.3 (58mm) high messages provide typical viewing distances of up to 100 ft (30.5m)

Single Line Viewing Distance

4.7 (119mm) high messages provide typical viewing distances of up to 200 ft (61m)


Emergency Alert Audio/Visual Notification (Patented Technology)


RA 1664

RA 1696

Strobe Lights

Ultra Bright 3000 MCD LED Strobe Lights

Audio Output

2 Speakers, 2W each

Sound Format

Built-In Alert Sound, Optional MP3 and other audio files


Message Management


RA 1664

RA 1696

Memory Banks

00-99, can be configured to 000-999 (00 Default as Time/Date)

Preprogrammed Messages

100 preprogrammed messages that can be triggered immediately

Instant Messaging

Instantly edit a message, for example- location of an intruder

Memory Size

1MB, expandable to 1GB




RA 1664

RA 1696

Ethernet LAN

IEEE 802.3 full duplex, 10/100Mbps

Wi-Fi Backup Communication

IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Wi-Fi Link Rate

Up to 150Mbps

Wi-Fi Frequency Band

2.4GHz-2.4835GHz, FCC channels 1-11

Wi-Fi Security


Wi-Fi mode

Client, AP, AP/Client supported

Wi-Fi Additional Features





Mechanical and Environmental


RA 1664

RA 1696

Case Size

8.3 H x 22.5 H x 2.75 (THK)

8.3 H x 32.1 H x 2.75 (THK)


6 lbs.

8 lbs.

Operating Temperature

14 to 122F (-10 to 50C)


95% RH, non-condensing at 92F (33C). Conformed coating

Control Relays (Optional)

Up to 4 control relays, connectable to control doors, locks, windows, lights, etc.

Connections (Optional)

Terminal block for 18  AWG to 12 AWG




RA 1664

RA 1696

Safety & Fire Alarm Certification

UL, cUL, UL1638 US and Canadian Listed


Power Specification


RA 1664

RA 1696

Input Voltage

DC Input 12-24VD, POE Version IEEE802.3at, Input voltage 38V to 57VDC

Power Consumption



4000MA Battery Backup

Approx. 90 mins after power failure

Approx 60 mins after power failure

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Most POE and servers have UPS. Check with your IT manager

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